The Basana

“Hiring them is like murder: an unpleasant act, but a useful one nonetheless”
Quofire Serpenthelm, Grand Magister of the Imperium

The company that is known as the Geo De Basanna came into being several centuries ago, making it one of the oldest mercenary companies in existence. The group apparently originated from a group of outcasts from Imperial society: radicals, anarchists and even a few criminals who bonded together for mutual safety. This ad hoc society placed an emphasis on freedom above all else, a value that has maintained its place throughout the company’s history.

One thing that sets the Basanna apart from other groups is their proliferation of mages. Many pupils are expelled from Imperial universities each year for negligence, lack of ability or practice of unsafe or illegal magic. More than a few of these pupils find their way into the ranks of the Basanna, where attitudes towards what is considered “safe” are decidedly more lax. More than once the Basanna have been called to fight some magical monstrosity that they were accused of creating, by accident or otherwise.

Despite their rejection of Imperial society, the Basanna are often employed by the Imperium as a means of indirectly enforcing their will upon neighbors. Despite their frequent use, laws passed centuries ago prohibit any member of the Basanna from entering the Imperium under threat of death. Whether this prohibition is a matter of protecting the Imperial public from the swords of the Basanna or simply their values is a matter of perspective.

The Basana

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