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Ison, All Roads Converge

The known world rests on a single large continent, Ison, also the name for the trade road that passes through most every civilization. On the East-most peninsula lies the Orcish Imperium Arcanum known as Hwa-Fong. Between it and the rest of the continent lies the series of Free Kingdoms, dominated mostly by men and in constant conflict. The center of Ison is controlled by The Hegemony under The Grand Araph, and stands as the largest nation in both population and land. It is also the homeland of the Gnomes who work in collaboration with the prolific humans. The Northern border up to its unexplored reaches are The Strotzlands, territory controlled by the Rovka, nomadic reindeer-riding halflings. A peninsula juts out to the south from its middle, the mysterious Veridian Maw. South of The Hegemony is Bersinius, a human-dominated monarchy with theocratic tendencies. South of Bersinius the land opens up into a great desert, an unconquerable territory where the Elven tribes make their home. Somewhat into the land along the coast is the Kingdom of Tangora, built around the The Wet Peak, Kolbanti. Off the western coast of Bersinius and Tangora are The Dwarven Islands, each a fortress and trading hub. In the center of the Cerulian Sea lies The Draconic Isle, the seat of an ancient civilization of dragonborn refusing contact with the outside.

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